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The Aero Furling Spar, with the furling system incorporated within the spar,
is recommended for performance sailing

  • Spar enables genoa to be furled
    without compromising the sail’s

  • Spar extremely lightweight – weighs
    less than 0.5kg

  • Spar has diameter of 8mm – only
    marginally increasing the luff
    entry shape of the 3mm diameter
    luff wire

  • Spar raises foot of genoa only
    10 to 15mm higher than a standard
    racing genoa

  • Furling the genoa before the start of
    a race provides the helm with a
    clear vision for manoeuvring into
    an optimum position in the final
    countdown to the start gun

  • Furling the genoa on a run provides
    the crew with a clear vision for
    setting the spinnaker

  • Furling the genoa for launching
    prevents the wear and tear on the
    sail caused by the sail flogging in
    stronger wind conditions

  • Furling the genoa when coming in
    to land gives the helm better vision
    and more control

  • Solid eye ends of the spar fitted to
    bow and genoa halyard as any
    standard racing genoa

Wayfarer Racing roller reefing furing system W10562 Fiüsa Beag under full sail with Monica Schaefer and Dave Moy, the overall winners of ‘The Shannon Raid’.   
Wayfarer Racing roller reefing furing system
W10739 Arctic Fox approaching the windward mark in third place at the UKWA European Championships in Weymouth.
W994 Peregrine – racing with an Aero Spar, and rounding the windward mark in race 9 at the 2013 Wayfarer International Championships, Toronto, ahead of: W10918 (4th)*; W1066 (13th)*; W10845 (2nd)*; W10844 (6th)*; W397 (3rd)*

*Denotes final placing at Championships.