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Two systems available for dinghy cruising:

Aero Luff Spar:

  • Spar fits onto any of the readily
    available furling systems

  • Ideally suited for those with an
    existing furling system

  • Adding a spar changes any furling
    system into one that also reefs
    the genoa to a smaller size

  • Can be fitted to any type of
    cruising dinghy

Aero Furling Spar:

  • Spar has furling/reefing system
    incorporated within unit

  • Spar rotates on bearings around the
    solid eye ends of luff wire with
    minimal friction – all the loading
    exerted by the genoa halyard being
    taken by the luff wire

  • Spar works more efficiently than any
    standard furling unit, where the
    loading applied to the genoa halyard
    is transmitted through the bearings
    of the top swivel and bottom drum

  • Solid eye ends of spar are fitted to the
    bow and genoa halyard as any
    standard genoa luff wire ends.

  • Can be fitted to any type of
    cruising dinghy

Wayfarer Dinghy Furling/Reefing Systems

W9885 Spree Lady, crossing Cork Bay with a single reef in the main and genoa - having survived the previous day's F.8 conditions under well reefed sails.

Wayfarer Dinghy Furling/Reefing Systems

8 Wayfarers ariving at Glenridding during the UKWA Ullswater Gathering, with 7 of the boats choosing the Aero Spar as their preferred furling/reefing system.

The distinctive red panel in the sail is an optional feature of the Aero Spar being combined with new McNamara sails.
Eight Wayfarers anchored off the shore at Brancaster on a UKWA Training weekend – with 7 of the boats using an Aero Spar
(4* having changed from other systems) and the eighth boat ordering the Aero Spar after seeing how efficiently it reefed the
genoa in the strong wind conditions.
* W 773 Matt Sharman; W 1162 John Mellor; W 3177 Dave Barker; W10512 Charles Ferrar.