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More detailed photos of the following items suitable for day sailing and cruising dinghies, particularly Wayfarers, will be available in the New Year.

1. Boat tent

2. Boom end transom pad

3. Centre board bolt waterproof sealing washers

4. Centre board pull strap and stopper

5. Inflatable sail head buoyancy bags and sail head pocket

6. Outboard bracket

7. Quick release genoa sheets

8. Self bailers with remote line operated opening/closing

9. White sail straps

10. Under boom mainsheet guides

11. (Wayfarer) mast pin with quick release R clip

12. Waterproof dry bags (30 litre)

13. Wayfarer spray dodger

In the meantime further information can be provided by phoning Matt Sharman,
on 07 743 135 473, or e-mailing:

Will Hodshon and Rich Mitchell setting out on their epic and record breaking non-stop voyage around the UK using the Aero reefing systems on their genoa and mainsail.