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Illustrated in the photo below is a Wayfarer sailing comfortably with 2 reefs in the mainsail and a reefed genoa, on a cold February day in the F5 wind conditions. The clearly visible sailhead buoyancy bag is fully inflated, which would prevent the boat from inverting - even with 2 reefs in the mainsail.

The following more detailed photos of the various parts of the mainsail reefing system will follow shortly:

1. Updated video of reefing process

2. Reefing hook

3. Mast (luff) reefing cleats

4. Double reefing blocks on boom slide to cleats on either side at front of boom

5. Single reefing blocks on boom slide to integral blocks at rear of boom

6. Spinnaker sheaves inset into boom for reefing lines

7. Cleats under boom for reefing lines to inset sheaves or to rear of boom

8. Spinnaker sheave inset into boom for outhaul line for reefing lines to rear of boom

9. Boom reefing line pockets

10. Double elastic reefing ties

11. Photo of 1st reef in mainsail – with 1st reef in genoa

12. Photo of 2nd reef in mainsail – with 2nd reef in genoa

The distinctive red panel in the sail - making the boat
more visible as a safety factor, (as seen by the photo
of the Wayfarer in the background) - is an optional
feature with new McNamara sails.

Ansis Rozkalns and Brian Alexander sailing their Wayfarer W8823 on a UKWA organised event at Brancaster, Norfolk.