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Illustrated in the photo below is a Wayfarer sailing comfortably with 2 reefs in the mainsail and a reefed genoa, on a cold February day in the F5 wind conditions. The clearly visible sailhead buoyancy bag is fully inflated, which would prevent the boat from inverting - even with 2 reefs in the mainsail.

The following more detailed photos of the various parts of the mainsail reefing system will follow shortly:

  • Spinnaker sheave inset into boom for outhaul line for reefing lines to rear of boom

  • Double reefing blocks on boom slide to cleats on either side at front of boom

  • Cleats under boom for reefing lines to inset sheaves or to rear of boom

  • Single reefing blocks on boom slide to integral blocks at rear of boom

  • Photo of 1st reef in mainsail – with 1st reef in genoa

  • Photo of 2nd reef in mainsail – with 2nd reef in genoa

  • Spinnaker sheaves inset into boom for reefing lines

  • Updated video of reefing process

  • Double elastic reefing ties

  • Mast (luff) reefing cleats

  • Boom reefing line pockets

  • Reefing hook

The distinctive red panel in the sail - making the
boat more visible as a safety factor, (as seen by
the photo of the Wayfarer in the background) - is
an optional feature with new McNamara sails.

Ansis Rozkalns and Brian Alexander sailing their Wayfarer W8823 on a UKWA organised event at Brancaster, Norfolk.